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  • Septic tank pumping: both commercial & residential
  • Tank locating and digging
  • Bringing septic tank lids to surface
  • Septic tank inspections
  • Grease trap pumping
  • Preventive maintained programs

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Welcome to the world of septic systems!

Also called leach fields or onsite sewage disposal systems. A septic systems purpose is to treat waste water from a home or business. Typically, these systems will have a tank for waste solids retention and a drainfield for water pervolation.
A septic tanks primary function is to provide an area for the waste water to separate. The septic tank will always remain full, with usually 8-10 inches of airspace from the lid of the tank to the water surface. Solids and bacteria waster will settle, while grease and lighter particles will float or remain near the surface.
To prevent buildup, sludge and floating scum need to be removed through periodic pumping of the septic tank. Regular inspections and pumping are the best and cheapest way to keep your septic system in good working order.
You should have a “typical” septic system inspected every 3 years by a septic tank specialist and your tank pumped as recommended by your specialist (generally every 3 to 5 years). Some warning signs that may require immediate attention are:
• Sluggishness when flushing the toilet.
• Any plumbing backups.
• Gurgling sounds in the plumbing.
• Grass in the yard growing faster and greener in one particular area.
• Unpleasant odors inside or outside.
Here’s some advice to help keep your septic system working efficiently:
• Never plant any large trees or plants near your drainfield. Roots are a leading cause of premature failure in a drainfield.
• Never flush paper towels, newspapers, wrapping paper, rags or sticks into the system.
• Never pour out or empty hobby or home industry chemicals into the system.
• Try to space out laundry machine usage. Excessive laundry water discharge will cause turbulence in the septic tank and more solids can pass out to the drainfiled.